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This Is How You Can Make The Most Out Of Halloween 2020 At Home In Canada

Tons of spooky and fun options.
This Is How You Can Make The Most Out Of Halloween 2020 At Home In Canada

It's that time of year again: the time for unique costumes, creepy decorations, and celebrating all things spooky. But Halloween means more than just getting a costume and decorating. The spirit of the holiday is all about being creative and mixing things up. It's the chance to be literally anything or anyone you want and to have fun with loved ones. Talk about a reason to celebrate! 

Sure, some traditions might need tweaking this year, but that just gives you even more of a chance to explore the wonder of the season — which is where Party City comes in.

With everything you could possibly imagine (and more), this go-to source for holiday inspiration and ideas is also a leading, one-stop shopping destination for party supplies and costumes. As an expert in seasonal and micro-seasonal celebrations, they have Canadian retail stores across seven provinces plus online shopping available. You want it? Party City's got it!

It can actually be pretty easy and exciting to organize the perfect spooky celebration, so why not try something new this Halloween and make it your own? You can use these creative and entertaining celebration plans as your starting point. 

Go Classic With Halloween Decor

It's a much-loved tradition for good reason. Sure, for most of the year, cobwebs and caution tape might be red flags. But during the Halloween season, you've got carte blanche to transform your home into a dreamscape (or a nightmare scene).

Get your whole family together and pick a decor theme. Is it a haunted skull-filled graveyard? Skeleton dance-off? Ghosts versus zombies? Pro tip: Match your costume to the scene and star in your own Halloween home movie.

Dress Up Your Pets & Show Everyone That Yours Really Are The Cutest

Is there a better way to ring in the spooky season than a photoshoot with your pets? Make sure they get in on the fun by dressing them up and wondering just how they got so adorable.

Go crazy and coordinate outfits with your fur babies, like being matching pumpkins or unicorns, then show them off by taking a walk around the block together. Spend the night eating snacks and taking snaps!

Transform Your Home Into An Epic Haunted House

One of the best parts of Halloween is the chance to get scared (in a good way). It's the time where all the creepy crawlies we avoid all year come out to play. Whatever your cringe-factor, from zombies and clowns to spiders and ghosts, this is your chance to do the most.

Lifesize animated characters, like the Tear Apart Tina Doll or IT Chapter 2 Dead Georgie Prop, don't just add a unique flair — they're the stuff that nightmares are actually made of. Add in some liquid fog, a bat projector, plus a garland of bloody weapons, and everyone will be in for a good jump scare. Hide a floating and talking balloon in the back of your house and watch family members or roommates come face to face with their ultimate fear (in decoration form, of course).

Embrace Your Favourite Fandom 

Halloween is the ultimate time to lean into your favourite fictional universe. Maybe you've just discovered a new book series or TV show, or your kids are getting into a certain cartoon character. This is a chance to show enthusiasm for all things quirky.

Pick the key theme colours, get matching costumes, and spend the night in character. Whether your household is into comic-book heroes or Frozen, not only can you snag awesome costumes but you can also find streamers and balloons to deck out your home.

Celebrate With A Spooky Scavenger Hunt

We all know that candy is a huge motivator for Halloween happiness. If you're planning to stick close to home, it doesn't mean that you need to miss out on all the fun.

First, prep your home with seasonal spirit by draping black Halloween cloth over your staircase and sticking creepy vintage frames on the walls. Next, hide candy in different spots around the house. Stick goodies behind a screaming jack-o'-lantern, tuck them under a headstone or stash them behind a terrifying animated shaking clown (seriously, who's going to get near that thing?). Then, make up some mysterious clues and riddles to lead eager hunters to the loot.

Plan A Murder-Mystery Night

Is there anything more fitting of the eeriness of Halloween than the thought of a fictional murder in the house? Assign different characters, get everyone dressed up, and bring the scene to life.

First, choose some props (like murder weapons and a magnifying glass, of course). Set the mood with bloody balloons and dark manor imagery. Lay the corpse out on a gross-looking bloody gauze sheet and leave some clues at the scene. Hand out flashcards with questions at random to all the characters. Set out on a detective journey and find the culprit. Once you've all figured out the murderer, let loose by snapping memorable pics in a police lineup-themed photo booth.

Prep A Ghoulish Supper To Match The Occasion

It's not a party without tasty eats, and this goes double for Halloween. Decorate the dinner table by placing colourful bat string lights around a unique centrepiece, like an animated crystal ball. Set the ambiance with fluorescent black lighting. You can go with a full-on theme, like cutesy sugar skulls or The Nightmare Before Christmas, or completely mix and match it up.

Make some peanut butter zombie eyeballs, bloody beets and carrots, or pasta tapeworms. Do up your pancakes as little jack-o'-lanterns. Present an entrée of intestines and toenails (sausage and chips) on a gory tablecloth full of bloody hands and discover a strange mix of disgust and intrigue. Pour spooky cocktails, like a Zombie Smash or Black Cauldron, into blood-spattered cups and sip away!

Set Up A "Killer" Trick-Or-Treat Station For Neighbours To Rave About

Whether you plan to trick-or-treat with your kids or opt to stay home this year, there might be some candy-seekers out and about in your neighbourhood.

Use your porch to celebrate the holiday aesthetic outdoors and limit candy-handling. You can leave a spooky bin, find a candy dispenser, or come up with something all your own. Plant a lawn skeleton, hang a lifesize grim reaper on your front door, or set up some giant inflatable decor. Tie in classics like tombstones, jack-o'-lanterns, and witches, jazz it up with cobwebs and ghosts, and spread the joy of candy.

Halloween is a celebration that embraces individuality, entertainment and, of course, candy and costumes. There are endless ways to ring in the occasion from home.

With their huge supply of scary seasonals, creative costumes, and unique decor, Party City offers nothing but opportunity and great fun this Halloween. So what are you waiting for? Pick your ensemble and transform your place into a celebration of the spooky.

For even more Halloween inspo, check out the Party City website. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Share your spooky snaps with #PartyCityHalloween.

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