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This Is The Company That's Behind Canada's Super Popular Plant-Based KFC Sandwich

It sold out in less than a day.

If you’re constantly searching for new and yummy plant-based options at quick-serve restaurants, here's some big news for you.

After an incredibly successful trial back in 2019, Lightlife recently made their Plant-Based “Chicken” Sandwich a permanent menu item at all KFC locations across Canada. Using KFC's proprietary blend of herbs and spices, this staple sandwich is a total game-changer. In fact, during its initial run last year, the sandwich sold out in Canadian locations in less than one day.

Founded in 1979, Lightlife knows what's up when it comes to creating flavourful plant-based alternatives for everyone to enjoy. They're the brand you need to know about, especially because you're likely to see their products popping up at fast-food chains and grocery stores all around you. 

Part of Lightlife's mission is to refine and simplify the ingredients in all of their foods, and they're striving to do better every day. They're quickly growing their footprint in Canada through partnerships with big food chains such as Harvey's, KFC, HERO Certified Burgers, and Kelsey's, as well as on shelves at retailers including Metro, Loblaws, Sobeys, Save On Foods, and Longo’s. 

Luckily, Lightlife is expanding its repertoire to allow consumers to indulge in satisfying alternatives.

Their Plant-Based Burger is made with simple, recognizable ingredients including pea protein, garlic powder, and sea salt. In fact, no other plant-based brand has made a burger with as few ingredients, all while maintaining that mouthwatering flavour.


As we learn more and more about what our bodies need, the demand for simple ingredients rises. Many people like to understand exactly what they're putting into their bodies. Lightlife is making it easier for consumers to feel confident about their food choices. They offer plant-based protein options made with simple, recognizable ingredients such as pea protein, brown rice, dried red bell pepper, as well as beet and cherry powders. Not only is it delicious, but equally as nutritious! Their food proves that healthy can still be tasty.

Lightlife's food is for people who want more choice and balance in what they eat, without sacrificing flavour. They believe less process is best, and it's hard to debate that. Always looking for ways to improve their product, along with the impact they have on the planet, they’re also one of the first carbon-neutral food companies in the world.


If you're vegetarian, vegan, or just looking for some healthier plant-based alternatives, Lightlife is the perfect brand to explore in this age of new options. They offer a great variety of plant-based products including the Plant-Based Burger, Ground, Breakfast Links, Tempeh, and more.

Check out their website for some cooking inspiration. You can find delicious recipes such as Italian Mini Subs, Tempeh-Stuffed Acorn Squash, Plant-Based Meatballs With Zoodles, and Thai-Style Lettuce Wraps. These tasty, easy-to-prepare dishes will have you feeling like a certified chef.


Food should leave you feeling fueled up, satiated, and great all around — which is what Lightlife aims for with all of its products.

Check out Lightlife's plant-based products and recipes on their website. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more inspiration.