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This Proof Of Vaccination Tattoo Got An Italian Guy Into McDonald's (VIDEO)

Every day something new emerges that gives us a little taste of what the "new normal" could look like. One man in Italy, Andrea Colonnetta, got a proof of vaccination tattoo and it feels like something out of a science fiction novel.

Colonnetta tattooed the barcode for his COVID-19 vaccination certificate on his arm and shared a video of himself successfully using the tattoo to enter a McDonald's location.

According to the India Times, Italy has something called a "green pass" which is essentially a vaccine passport. The green pass shows your vaccination status, if you've had COVID-19 in the past, and if you've tested negative in the last 48 hours.

The green pass is used to get into restaurants along with other indoor public locations like movie theatres, museums, sports venues, etc.

In Colonnetta's video, we see him using his phone to scan his tattoo, opening up his green pass on his phone, and then having the McDonald's security scan that. He's given a pass to enter and is seen enjoying his burger at the end.

Ontario's ​Vaccine Passport Can Be Saved On Your Phone & Here's How I Did It In 5 Minutes

A new tool lets you store your vaccine certificate as an image, a PDF file, or as a card in your Apple Wallet.

Starting Wednesday, September 22, Ontarians are expected to show their proof of vaxx to enter certain non-essential businesses and settings. However, because enhanced vaccine certificates with QR codes won't come into effect in the province until October 22, a team of volunteer software engineers and medical professionals created a tool that lets you store your proof of vaccination on your phone with a QR code.

"No personal data is sent to the internet. [The] QR code is for verification only, with no personal info," the team behind the tool told CTV News.

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