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This Wild West Town Hidden In The California Desert Is An Actual Film Set Come To Life

In the middle of the Mohave desert in Southern California, just above Palm Springs and close to Joshua Tree, is a real Wild West town come to life just waiting for you to step onto its dusty roads and transport yourself into the past.

This is Pioneertown, a town that was built as a film set in the 1940s, but unlike other film sets in California, this one was meant to double as a real town, and it's still around today as just that.

The biggest pull of the town, which is pretty small and kind of a tourist attraction in and of itself, is a four-block-long main street playfully called "Mane Street."

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Overall, Pioneertown is very surreal — while also being very, VERY real.

On Mane Street, you'll find a few shops and a restaurant.

The ever-popular Pappy + Harriet's is also located in Pioneertown and is a haven for BBQ, live music, and nightlife, Wild West style.

It's a toss-up as to what's better, their patio ambiance or their BBQ, and the answer is both of them. 

There's an old-timey saloon called The Red Dog, which has been around since the town's creation in 1946.

There is one motel in Pioneertown, and only one: The iconic and ultra photogenic Pioneertown Motel, which features 19 guestrooms, a common "Canteen" room, event space, and more.

However, you're sure to find some Airbnbs nearby if they're all booked up.

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