This TikTok Beauty Hack Uses A Spoon To Curl Eyelashes & Some Say It Beats A Curler

Things to add to your make up bag: a spoon! 🥄

Martina Olivera curling her lashes with a spoon.
Global Staff Writer

Martina Olivera curling her lashes with a spoon.

If you’re sick of your lashes falling back down not even 30 minutes after curling them, you’re going to want to try this viral TikTok hack the next time you beat your face.

TikTok user Martina Olivera posted a video on TikTok showing her viewers how she curls her eyelashes with a spoon, and since then, the video has amassed over 3.7 million views.

She shows herself holding the spoon super close to her lash line and rubbing her lashes against the spoon in an upward motion, and the result shows the most perfectly curled lashes that possibly a curler couldn’t even produce.

She even pinned a comment under the video, which said, “shoutout to my great-grandma for passing me down her special spoon,” and replied to it by saying, “this FR!!”

Another user commented: “My mom does this, and I never understand how to do this.”

It seems like this is a long-time tip that our grandmothers and moms have been gate-keeping, but not anymore! There are even a bunch of YouTube videos explaining it.

One user shared that this is “the ONLY way [their] eyelashes will hold the curl all day,” so it might be worth the risk.

Under a separate comment asking, “wait, omg, can you show us how you do them???,” Olivera replied with a follow-up video breaking down the instructions on how to do the hack.

Olivera started the video by saying, “First of all, listen up because this part is where everyone gets it wrong,” and warned viewers not to heat the spoon before attempting the makeup hack.


Reply to @envysbs sorry if this is not helpful enough!!🙁

“Do not heat up the spoon because it doesn’t do anything,” shared the TikToker.

Putting a hot metal spoon so close to your eye also doesn’t seem like the safest thing in the world.

Although verbally explaining the instructions isn’t the easiest, Olivera does a great job demonstrating how she curls her lashes with a spoon in the video.

She positions the spoon sideways and places the edge on her lash line with the domed part side of the spoon facing up.

Once she has the spoon in the correct position, she presses the spoon down with the lashes sitting between the spoon and her finger and pulls the lashes upwards.

“I do this like every day because my mom [taught] me like that.”

If that seems too complicated, she suggests using the tip of the spoon rather than the side.

“With practice, you’re gonna get it right,” says Olivera.

Someone in the comment section made the perfect comparison to simplify the technique for confused readers and said, “u basically just do what you do w the ribbons when ur wrapping christmas gifts.”

The comment is even pinned under the video by Olivera, so you know it’s good advice.

Others shared their hesitation with the makeup hack. One user wrote: “I’m scared my eyelashes will fall out if I try.”

But let’s be honest, using an eyelash curler isn’t that much better for our lashes.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry was a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and based in Toronto, Ontario.