A TikToker Says Her Family Was Kicked Off A Plane & People Are Defending The Flight Attendant

"I was a flight attendant. We are not waitresses in the sky."

Desk Editor, Texas
The American Airlines flight attendant taking to the passengers. Right: An American Airlines plane.

The American Airlines flight attendant taking to the passengers. Right: An American Airlines plane.

Airport drama happens all the time. Whether getting on an international or domestic flight, many travelers have dealt with passengers asking for seat swaps. Some others can say they’ve witnessed uncommon emotional support pets boarding the plane.

Most recently, an entire family was allegedly kicked off an American Airlines flight departing from Orlando, Florida.

TikTok user Katherine (@soulmarluna) shared a clip exposing an American Airlines flight attendant named Martha that, according to her post's caption, treated the content creator and her family "horribly."

In the video, Katherine is talking to the flight attendant while recording her. After exchanging some words, Martha asks the TikToker to stop recording, and Katherine follows to say she has the "right" to do so.


We were treated horribly by Martha from @americanairlinesoffical on our way back home from Orlando She continued instigating an argument and we’re kicked off American airline because she simply didn’t like to be filmed! She completely changed her attitude when I started recording! Martha you know exactly what you did SHAME ON YOU & AMERICAN AIRLINE for kicking my mother & i off the plane with our 4 year old child. NEVER FLY WITH AMERICAN AIRLINE #americanairlines #martha #karen #rudeflightattendant

After a short silence, the content creator’s mom, who was sitting next to her, starts asking Katherine to continue recording while she also exchanges words with the air host.

"Are you supposed to treat the client like that?" the woman asks the airline employee and proceeds to request a drink for a kid sitting between her and the TikToker.

"We will serve the drink service as soon as we are up in the air," the flight attendant says.

The woman didn't seem to like the American Airlines worker's response and immediately told Martha that her job is to "treat people well" while the host is seen walking away.

In the caption of the viral TikTok video, Katherine shares that she and her family — her mom and her 4-year-old child — were kicked off the plane "because she [the flight attendant] simply didn’t like to be filmed."

The comment section on Katherine's viral TikTok video.The comment section on Katherine's viral TikTok video.soulmarluna | TikTok

Contrary to what the content creator might’ve expected, several TikTok users flooded the comment section, expressing their support for Martha — the American Airlines employee.

"Martha had a lot more patience than I would have had," one person wrote.

"As a flight attendant, I have mad respect for Martha. People need to remember we are there for your safety. Comfort/service is just the icing on top," another person commented.

"I was a flight attendant. We are not waitresses in the sky. We don’t serve drinks until we are in the air and the captain says it is safe to move around," a user shared.

Fernanda Leon
Desk Editor, Texas
Fernanda Leon was an Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on Texas and is based in El Paso, Texas.