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A Free Show In Toronto Will Let You Watch A Man Perform In A Bubble & It Opens This Week

What's more Toronto than a mime in a bubble?

A Free Show In Toronto Will Let You Watch A Man Perform In A Bubble & It Opens This Week
La Bulle | Muriel Cavanhac, La Bulle | Muriel Cavanhac

Are you a lover of mimes, theatre, comedy and free stuff? If so, this one-man show put on by Théâtre français de Toronto, CORPUS and Jamii might be right up your alley.

La Bulle is a silent hour-long outdoor show in a bubble tent coming to Toronto from August 31 to September 5.


The performance features Pierrot, who from inside his bubble connects with the audience through "mime, dance, text, even drawing, and without uttering a single word," according to the website.

The sole performer, Pierrot, dresses in what one can only describe as a cross between a mime and a clown with a frilly white collar, billowy white shirt and pants and white face paint.

"Dressed in his classic black and white costume and make-up, he manages to create bonds with those willing to spare him a little time. Embracing solitude whole-heartedly, the romantic loner swims freely like a fish in water in the realm of dreams. Poetry and humour are always at his side, true to CORPUS' vocation," reads the website.

The show will take place at the Berkeley Castle Courtyard, and you can reserve a free ticket online.

La Bulle

Price: Free

When: August 31 to September 5

Adress: 250 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: For an evening of free entertainment.


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