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Yoga Bubble Toronto Is The Latest Trend In The City But Not Everyone Is On Board With It

Would you exercise in a bubble? The Yoga bubble Toronto pop-up is offering classes now but not everyone is pleased by this new addition in the city. People have pointed out that the domes could be used to help the homeless instead.

The lmnts Outdoor Studio pop-up officially started on June 21 and runs until July 31 with five to six classes a day at the  Stanley Barracks in Exhibition Place.

Starting on June 30, there will also be an additional evening class for yoga under the stars every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m.

Since it's hot yoga, temperatures inside the bubbles range from 35 C to more than 40 C.

Before people can get to their bubble, they have to check-in and get their temperature taken. 

If anybody is showing symptoms or believe that they might have symptoms of COVID-19, they won't be allowed to participate.

There are 50 private, clear domes that look like bubbles that people can book for a hot yoga session.

Each one is 7 feet tall by 12 feet wide and has more than 110 square feet of space for people to follow along with the instructor and do poses.

If you want to try out this unique form of yoga, you can't just book one class.

There are four packages available and they're pretty pricey.

There is one with three classes for $99, one with five classes for $150, one with seven classes for $196 and one with 20 classes for $480.

While people have been participating in the hot yoga classes, not everyone is pleased about the pop-up.

Some have pointed out on Twitter that bubbles like this could be better used by helping out the city's homeless.

"Are u serious? Toronto can add bubbles for yoga but not for the homeless," one person tweeted.

Another said that people taking these classes should have self-awareness.

"Now our struggling population can watch as you selfishly do yoga in an unnecessary street bubble while there's a pandemic and brutality among our streets," they said in a tweet.

Others said that the bubbles should be put "towards something that matters" and used by homeless people.

This isn't the first time something bubble-related in Toronto has been met with backlash.

In 2019, a dining experience at the Bentway under the Gardiner drew criticism and protests because the city had removed a homeless encampment nearby.

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