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A Kensington Market Duel Was Caught On Camera And The Ridiculous Video Went Viral

Ah, Kensington Market. The famous Toronto neighbourhood has seen a few questionable incidents in the past but these two guys have raised the bar — sorry, the plank — high. Video footage of a Kensington Market fight was widely shared all over social media on June 24 and it's one hell of a watch.

Two men were caught duelling it out with wooden planks in the middle of the street on June 23, and a short clip perfectly captures the drama.

The video seems to have been initially posted by Instagram user skatenbacon in a story on Tuesday. On Wednesday afternoon, after the clip had exploded online, he posted it to his Instagram page.

The footage shows a man in a red shirt confronting another male with a long wooden plank.

They both get their weapons ready as the red-shirted man begins to twirl his improvised wooden lightsaber, prepared to battle his opponent.

"Wanna play games?" asks the man repeatedly, as he approaches with the two-by-four and tries to swing at the other.

After this point, things go rather downhill for the apparent instigator.

He quickly backs down as he sees the other man ready to fight back before he drops his stick and attempts to flee.

As the other guy chases him, red-shirt trips over a cone adorned with a sign on the road. The clip then cuts off as laughter is heard in the background.

The video quickly took off, being shared widely on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other sites, to the point that "Kensington" was even trending on Twitter in Toronto this afternoon.

The scene was just so ridiculous that even some celebrities put in their two cents on the fight.

Notable personalities from all over latched onto it, like rapper and actor Ice-T who shared it onto his Twitter. 

Then there was Rex Chapman, retired NBA star prolific tweeter, who compared the incident to some kind of budget Star Wars scene.

"Obi-Dumb Kenobi..." Chapman commented.

Toronto residents also shared the video, some suggesting that this is a regular occurrence in the area.

When it comes to occurrences in Kensington Market and nearby, there's certainly plenty of wild moments.

Some residents in the 6ix might be familiar with the notorious Spider-Man, for instance.

When it comes to street violence like this, how can't we talk about "Dive Bomber Dave," a red-winged blackbird attacking people in Liberty Village?

There's never a dull moment in the 6ix!

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