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An Ontario Baby Has Been Killed In An Incident With OPP Officers

The OPP is asking that the public not "speculate" while the investigation continues.
Ontario Baby Killed In Incident With OPP Officers

After shots were fired by an OPP officer on Thursday afternoon near Lindsay, Ontario, an Ontario baby has been pronounced dead.

OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique took to his Twitter to address the incident on Thursday evening.

The SIU is now investigating the incident, which saw the father of the baby shot as well.

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An OPP officer involved in the incident also obtained serious injuries.

According to CTV Toronto, the father had been reported for abducting the baby boy, initially prompting police to respond.

SIU spokesperson Monica Hudon is saying it's too early in the investigation to know why the officers fired shots, CTV reports.

The investigation is ongoing and both the OPP and SIU have said to expect further information to be released.

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