Move Aside Birria Tacos, These Are Birria Burgers (VIDEO)

The drip hits differently with a burger.
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Move Aside Birria Tacos, These Are Birria Burgers (VIDEO)

On this episode of Good Bites Takeout, host Mahlet Yordanos hits up Burgers n' Fries Forever (BFF) for some Birria - but these aren't tacos. The Ottawa-based burger chain has made moves to Toronto, and keeps things interesting with an ever-changing menu and innovative burger creations.

This month, the star is is their Birria Duo, inspired by the super trendy Mexican Birria tacos that have dominated social media recently.

Inspired by food trends and pop culture from all over the world, the owners are big believers in food being a tasty canvas.

The Order:
Birria Burger | $9.99
Birria Cheese Fries | $9.99

For more information, check out BURGERS N' FRIES FOREVER on Instagram.

Alex Melki
Video Host & Producer