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Ford Says The New Carbon Tax Will Have You Paying 30% More On Gas & Groceries

He says the tax will be "the worse thing you could ever see."
Canada's Carbon Tax Will Have You Paying 30% More On Gas & Groceries, Says Ford

Doug Ford is calling out the federal government after the new announcement that Canada's carbon tax will be going up. 

In a press conference on Friday, the premier stated that these new price hikes under the tax will be "the worst thing you could ever see." 

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You're paying 30% more for everything. Not just gas, but food, cosmetics, services, restaurants.  Doug Ford

In fact, Ford even said that Ontarians will be paying 30% more for everything in 2022, including food, travel, gas and cosmetics.

Earlier on Friday, Justin Trudeau announced that by 2022 the levy on greenhouse gas emissions will hit $50 per tonne. 

This is something that Ford said will throw huge taxes onto "the backs of the people."

In fact, the premier even said that residents can expect to pay an extra 27.6 cents per litre when it comes to gas in 2022. 

"I've never, ever, ever been more disappointed in an announcement ever, since I've been in politics," Ford said. "This I can just not understand for the life of me."

Despite this, Justin Trudeau said that this plan will help put Canada in a better place. 

"It’ll cut energy waste to make life more affordable. It’ll make clean transportation and power available across the country. It’ll make sure pollution isn’t free and you're better off. It’ll build our clean industrial advantage. It’ll use nature to make our communities healthier," Trudeau tweeted

It was also announced that families will receive a rebate of over $2,000 a year as prices continue to rise by 2030.  

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