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150 Cats Were Found At A Home In Toronto & They've Got So Many Health Issues

A rescue group is trying to nurse them all back to health.

This is so heartbreaking. A staggering 150 cats were rescued in Toronto from a single home recently. Now a rescue group charity is trying to raise money to take care of all their health issues. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Toronto Cat Rescue responded to a call from Toronto Animal Services about these poor creatures that were all found living in one home.

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According to the group, these furry friends will need lots of care and with this many of them, it could take months to get them all healthy.

They were found with thin coats, respiratory infections, ear mites and poor body conditions.

That means there will be lots of vet visits and medications needed.

The rescue organization is anticipating that caring for the felines will take all the funding reserves they have.

So they're asking for donations of any amount to help get the animals healthy.

According to CTV News, they're looking to bring 50 to 70 of the latest rescues into their program from this hoarding situation.

Since some of the animals came into the group's care, the first 50 of them have already been taken in by foster homes in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Other groups in Toronto are also opening their doors to take in more cats.

Toronto's bylaws state that nobody can have more than six cats in a single dwelling.

So this was way more than what's allowed.

The rescue group was called in to help with this situation just two days after responding to a similar call for help in North Bay.

More than 50 felines were found living in one home there.

Toronto Cat Rescue has plans to relocate those ones to fosters in Toronto.

This group is also looking for people to spare some money to care for these little guys because they'll need to be spayed or neutered, take antibiotics for infections and get dental work done.

Since there have been two large rescues in such little time, the group is asking for donations.

Recently four orphaned kittens were rescued in B.C. after they were put in garbage bins, taken to a dump and went through a trash compactor.

One has missing toes and all of them have bruising and cuts.