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This Toronto Cafe's Cereal Lattes Will Have You Feeling Like A Kid Again

Cereal with a shot of espresso? Yes please! ☕
This Toronto Cafe's Cereal Lattes Will Have You Feeling Like A Kid Again

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to leave those sugary favourites behind. You’ll be transported back to your childhood when you sip on these nostalgic cereal lattes in Toronto. Because if you ask us, Trix are definitely not just for kids.

The Morning After is a popular Toronto brunch spot with a menu that would make anyone's mouth water.

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But the unique unicorn lattes are a colourful menu highlight that you’ll want to try.

These espresso-based drinks have a colourful foamy top and are sprinkled with old-time favourites like Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops.

The adult in you will appreciate the caffeine boost while the kid in you will love the sweet and sugary cereal topping.

Like snowflakes, no two drinks are the same here, which makes them even more fun.

You can also get chocolate flavoured cereal lattes if that’s more your taste. Each drink will cost $6, but you can add an extra shot of espresso for $3 if you’re a coffee fanatic.

So if you want a delicious blast from the past, be sure to grab one of these ASAP.

If you think these drinks sound decadent, just wait until you see the rest of the brunch menu. 

You can indulge with meals like “the wreckage” which features home fries, Quebec cheese curds, hollandaise, sausage and bacon crumble, and a fried egg to top it all off. 

Or how about the “no regrets” Belgian waffles that come topped with peanut butter maple sauce, bacon bits & bananas?

The Morning After has a dreamy patio that acts as the perfect backdrop for your brunch dates. You can make reservations on their website.

You can also order these special lattes online through Ritual.

If you love specialty drinks a latte, be sure to check out this list of cozy fall drinks to try in the 6ix as well.

Unicorn Latte @ The Morning After

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Brunch & dinner

Address: 88 Fort York Blvd., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Feel like a kid again with tasty cereal lattes.

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