A Collapsed Crane Just Smashed Into An Office Building In Downtown Toronto (PHOTOS)

Four buildings had to be evacuated!
Collapsed Crane In Downtown Toronto Brings Traffic To A Halt (PHOTOS)

The 6ix saw a dramatic scene on Thursday morning as a collapsed crane in downtown Toronto smashed into a building in the Entertainment District. Four buildings ultimately had to be at least partially evacuated. Remarkably, police say the crane operator managed to climb down to safety herself.

Emergency personnel were called to the area of Wellington and Simcoe streets at around 10 a.m. for reports that a construction crane had crashed into a building, in what police called an "industrial accident."

It was initially reported by police that two buildings, 145 Wellington St. and 40 University Ave., had to be evacuated.

However, not long afterwards, the city's fire chief, Matthew Pegg, confirmed that two more buildings, 144 and 146 Front St. W., have also been cleared.

Pegg gave more information, per CP24, noting that the female operator is not injured.

The fire chief added: "She made her way down with the assistance of one of her colleagues and was down upon our arrival."

Pegg also assured that crews were trying to secure the broken portions of the crane to prevent any further collapse and danger to the public.

In a follow-up tweet, he noted that a mobile crane had arrived on the scene. According to the chief, early estimates suggest the complete clean-up could take more than 12 hours.

There were several road closures in the area, including Simcoe at Wellington and Wellington to Front Street.

In addition, Wellington at University Street was closed down on Thursday morning.

Video from the scene shows a huge emergency and cleanup crew on site.

Per CBC, Pegg says it's currently unclear why the portion of the crane collapsed at more than 200 feet up in the air.

He added, as reported by CP24, that crews are worried that the windy and stormy weather expected on Thursday could make the cleanup efforts a whole lot more difficult.

“We’re having to keep an eye on the weather," Pegg said. "Fortunately, it’s OK right now but we’re paying particular attention to weather moving through.

"We have to be very vigilant about things like heavy rain, wind and the potential for lightning, but so far so good."