Southern Ontario Is Getting Slammed With Thunderstorms & Possible Tornadoes Today

Stay inside!
Ontario's Weather Forecast Includes Thunderstorms & Possible Tornadoes Today

You might want to hold onto your hats today. Ontario's weather forecast is calling for heavy thunderstorms and strong winds Thursday afternoon. According to The Weather Network, there is even a possible tornado risk. 

As thunderstorms move into the province on Thursday afternoon and into the early evening, the Niagara region could possibly see a tornado touch down. 

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There will be a "favourable directional wind shear" in the region, which could conjure up the perfect storm for a funnel or two to appear, TWN reports. 

Intense thunderstorms are also expected across southern Ontario, in areas such as Windsor, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston and Ottawa.

Heavy rainfall and strong gusts of wind are expected to accompany these storms. 

While areas in the Thunder Bay region can expect to even see a supercell. 

The rain is supposed to begin on Thursday morning in the GTA and surrounding areas, and carry on into the afternoon.

It could stop mid-afternoon on those areas along Lake Ontario before resuming and becoming more severe throughout the day, TWN predicts. 

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It won't be letting up anytime soon. The thunderstorms are expected to continue overnight.

Flash flooding could be an issue in Toronto, even if storms don't reach their full potential.

It might be best to put off any potential outdoor plans. The odds are looking rainy and intense. 

Temperatures will also be rising as the weather runs wild.

By Friday, much of southern Ontario is expected to be sitting at daytime highs of 30 C, while feeling more like 40 C with the humidex. 

The heatwave is expected to last through the weekend and into the next week. 

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