Canada's Most Colourful Poutine Is In Toronto (VIDEO)

It's like a unicorn running wild in and around your mouth.
Canada's Most Colourful Poutine Is In Toronto (VIDEO)
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On this episode of Good Bites Takeout, host Mahlet Yordanos is checking out the most colourful poutine in Canada, right out of Toronto.

The Enchanted Poutinerie serves a range of decked out poutines full of unconventional toppings, but they're known for their crazy colourful Unicorn Poutine. PEI potatoes topped with rainbow curds and gravy.

It's definitely been a controversial menu item among poutine purists since it debuted a few years back. Whether you love it or not, its bold look has everyone's attention.

The Order
Unicorn Poutine | $13.79
Lobster Poutine | $17.99
Chicken Shawarma Poutine | $13.79

For more information check out The Enchanted Poutinerie on Instagram

Address: 730 Wilson Ave. 

Alex Melki
Video Host & Producer