Just because the Raptors aren't playing in their home town, doesn't mean fans can't celebrate anyways. A new drive-in "Jurassic Park" has now opened in the 6ix. However, photos of the new experience look so surreal compared to the crowds from last year. 

Basketball is now being screened from the OLG Play Stage, and people are driving up to watch from their cars.

Footage from last night's Raptors games show people hanging out in the parking lot while cheering on the team.

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The OLG Play Stage will be hosting Leafs and Raptors games until October, along with concerts and movie screenings. 

With your ticket, you'll be assigned a parking spot which will be your seat.

The lot is equipped with a massive 40-foot screen, and they also show the pre-game on there.

You can come out rain or shine to the events and watch from the comfort of your car. 

However, it's definitely different than what we're used to, and some people have already taken to social media to share the experience.

"This is way more fun than I expected," one fan tweeted.

Despite the rain and gloom, people showed up on Monday evening to watch the Raptors defeat the Brooklyn Nets.

Car horns replaced applause as people waved flags and cheered the Raptors on from their vehicles.

Yet, the new way to enjoy the game is so different from the packed stadiums of high energy fans that were present last year. 

While people were crowded shoulder to shoulder during last year's games, the new social distancing protocols make things look a lot more empty. 

Despite the limited capacity of fans that are able to show up, spirits were still high. 

Even the Raptors are noticing how different things are this year. 

Earlier this week, Kyle Lowry admits that he misses Toronto fans and even called them "the best in the NBA."