Kal Penn Announced He's Starring In A Nav Bhatia Biopic & His Reaction Is So Wholesome

"His story of perseverance and unity is incredible."

Toronto Staff Writer
Kal Penn Announced He's Starring In A Nav Bhatia Biopic & His Reaction Is So Wholesome

There are few things more synonymous with the Toronto Raptors than superfan Nav Bhatia, an unheard-of accomplishment for a mere attendee and one set to become a feature film starring Kal Penn.

On Thursday, the Harold & Kumar actor announced via Instagram that he had agreed to produce and star in a biopic entitled Superfan about Bhatia's life.

"I’ve been researching and following Nav’s incredible story ever since I saw him at a Raptor’s game the year we started filming Designated Survivor in Toronto," Penn gushed to Deadline earlier this week.

"The crowd loves him, to see what a source of pride he is for Canadians, and all basketball fans, really, makes me smile. His story is one of unity, which I’m especially excited and proud to bring to life," he adds.

Bhatia himself appears to have zero trepidation to Penn's casting, even going so far as to call the former House star one of his favourite actors.

“I’m speechless. To have the opportunity to continue to tell my story with such esteemed producers is a dream. Then to find out Kal Penn has been brought on to play me is even more surreal,” the Raptors beamed.

“This is not something I can even dream of. He is one of my favourite actors and to know he also loves basketball is an added bonus. I’ll be teaching him all my tricks of the trade when distracting opposing players," he concluded.

The movie will be released by Stampede Ventures, an independent entertainment media company, but so far, the word is out on when production will begin.

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