Kingston's 'Alice In Wonderland' Cafe Is Like Trip Down The Hole & Has Over 600 Board Games

If you are searching for fun things to do in Kingston, you'll want to visit this Alice In Wonderland-themed cafe.

Improbable Escapes Wonderland is a whimsical spot where you'll feel like you fell down the rabbit hole.

The eye-catching interior has white roses painted red that are fit for the Queen Of Hearts and playing card decor, along with a party room with blue mushrooms and neon lights that Absolem, the caterpillar, would feel at home inside.

Here you can pay $5 per person to spend three hours playing any of their 600 board games.

Plus, they have a handy game curator who will teach you the rules for any games within their collection.

Or you can try one of their Disney-inspired escape rooms, which are $26.50 per person, such as Neverland: Heist On The High Seas and the Seven Dwarfs: Mining Mission.

With so many games to pick from, you can try something new each time you visit.

Improbable Escapes Wonderland

Price: $5 per person (board games), $26.50 per person (escape rooms)

Address: 500 Gardiners Rd., Kingston, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can drink a latte and have fun playing board games with your friends.


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