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Kyle Lowry Shuts Down 'Lies' In The Media With A Fiery Instagram Story

Lowry is finally speaking out amid all the rumours.

Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry has taken to Instagram to set the record straight.

On Tuesday, the point guard posted an Instagram story, suggesting that the trade rumours going around in the media are just that — rumours.

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The lies people tell in the Media are amazing !!," wrote Lowry. "Don't put [things] out when they ain't come from me !!"

Rumours have been swirling that Lowry could leave the Raptors before the trade deadline.

Most recently, sports journalist Ryen Russillo said on The Bill Simmons Podcast that Lowry "has been telling everybody for a month that he’s getting traded."

"He’s already like 'yeah, I’m out of here,'” Russillo said on the podcast. "So I don’t know if that’s him saying it, I don’t know if that’s some understanding that he has with the front office. I don’t know that part of it."

The Philadelphia Inquirer also recently reported that the Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, and Los Angeles Clippers could have an interest in the player.

Kyle Lowry listed his Toronto mansion for sale last month, fuelling rumours that he could in fact be leaving the 6ix.

However, the player has said in the past that he and his family consider Toronto their home and have planted roots in the city throughout the years.

While not much is known about what could occur before the March 25 deadline, one thing is clear — Lowry will be putting out the final word himself.