So close, yet so far! During last night's potential championship winning game between the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat a former Toronto Raptor missed a pretty big shot and fans from the True North aren't holding back. 

Danny Green, who plays for the Lakers after leaving the Raptors in 2019, missed a wide open three-pointer in the final minutes of play that likely would have not only won them the game but also the entire NBA championship.  

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While Canadians didn't have a huge stake in the game, a number of Toronto fans took to Twitter to either support Danny Green or call him out for the miss. 

One sports writer, Chris Walder weighed in saying "Don’t tell me Danny Green’s heart isn’t in Toronto when he’s out there extending the Raptors’ championship reign for at least two more days." 

Meanwhile a fan said, "this what danny green gets for leaving toronto." 

Another twitter user said "Love Danny Green for helping bring a title to Toronto but that dude is far from a clutch player. Can’t remember that last time he hit a shot that counts." 

With last night's loss the Lakers and the Heat will face off again on October 11 with the LA team once again trying to secure the Larry O'Brien Trophy.