A Winning Ticket For Lotto Max's Huge Jackpot Was Sold In Quebec & Someone Just Got Richer

So much money!
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otto Max Winner Of The $70 Million Jackpot Is From Quebec

Someone just became a multimillionaire and they might not even know it yet! The newest Lotto Max winner is from Quebec and whether it was a group or an individual, this is a lot of money to win.

With the draw on October 9, the winning ticket for the massive $70 million jackpot was sold in Quebec.

There's no information about who won or where in the province they bought their ticket because the prize probably hasn't been claimed yet.

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$70,000,000 lotto max jackpot won on October 9

More money was won with this draw as well.

Five Maxmillions will be taken home thanks to winning tickets being sold in Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies and B.C.

Each of those is worth $1 million.

$70 million is the highest the Lotto Max jackpot can ever get and the massive prize has been won a couple of times.

At the beginning of the year, it was won for the first time ever by a man in Ontario.

Then a month later, a 22-year-old in Quebec bought a Lotto Max ticket for the $70 million draw and it turned out to be the winning numbers.

He shared his riches with seven of his family members.

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