Snap, crackle, pop! You can get rare and limited edition cereals mailed straight to your door in Ontario and they look so sweet. So if you’re super cereal about breakfast foods then this will make you go coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. 

When it comes to the cereal aisle in the grocery store, it’s a lot of the same old classics that we’ve known and loved since childhood.

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While that's great and all, let’s be honest, even two scoops of your favourite cereal can get stale after a while. 

That’s where The Cereal Box Club comes in to save the day. 

The Toronto-area company offers monthly curated boxes of specialty cereals that you won’t be able to find on the shelves.

With everything from Twinkie cereal to Banana Cream Frosted Flakes, there’s a wide variety of sugary surprises that could end up in your box, many of which you’ve probably never tasted.

According to the company’s website, cereal should be fun, exciting, new, and nostalgic all at the same time.

That's why they’ve gone the extra mile and included games and prizes inside every box, as well.

Now that really takes us back.

The company is run by cereal enthusiasts Steven and Avi, who hope to create a community with their boxes.

"Each month, we handpick a hard to find and limited edition box of cereal to deliver to our customers. By giving everyone the same box, we hope to create a sense of community/breakfast table for our subscribers to enjoy and share their cereal experiences together," the pair told Narcity.

So if you’re tired of chasing after lucky charms, why not dig your spoon into something new?

The first box from the company is set to drop this September and will feature a rare cereal not available in Canada, a toy or game that will give you a blast from the past, and a bonus snack.

There are three types of subscriptions to choose from: one that bills monthly, one that charges semi-annually, and another that charges annually. 

These subscriptions cost $29.99, $24.99, and $19.99 per month, respectively.

So if you’ve always known that Trix are definitely NOT just for kids, then this is one subscription that might be worth having.

So, say Cheerio to your plain old cereal choices, because they're so last year.

The Cereal Box Club

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Rare limited edition cereal

Address: Online

Why You Need To Go: You can make breakfast nostalgic and fun again with this rare cereal subscription.