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9 Ottawa Food Clubs That Will Deliver Delicious Treats To Your Door Every Month

A popular pizza club is coming this June! 🤤

9 Food Subscription Boxes That Deliver Treats In Ottawa

Do you feel like you're always hungry, and there's nothing good to eat in your kitchen? If so, these food subscription boxes will deliver all your favourite treats to your home in Ottawa.

There is a delicious assortment of options to pick from, like freshly baked bread, butter tarts, and even limited-edition cereal. Plus, both GA Pizza Club and Crafty Ramen arrive this month on June 21, so mark your calendar.

Cereal Box Club

Price: $29.99 per month

Why You Need To Try It: You'll feel like a kid again as you start the day with a rare cereal flavour. Each month you'll also get three to five breakfast treats, perfect for a quick meal on the go.


Pie & Quiche Subscription

Price: $40 every two weeks

Why You Need To Try It: Do you love sweet and savoury pies but hate baking? If so, this subscription will send you a pie and quiche, and you can pick the flavours you want to receive.


Ramen Club

Price: $16+ every two or four weeks

Why You Need To Try It: You don't need to fly to Japan to feast on slurp-worthy noodles. Each delivery contains everything you need to make flavour-packed ramen at home. There are multiple flavours to pick from, including vegan options.

Crafty Ramen will begin making deliveries in Ottawa on June 21.


GA Pizza Club

Price: $39+ per month

Why You Need To Try It: If pizza is your favourite comfort food, you'll want to check out General Assembly's pizza subscription service, which launches in Ottawa on June 21. They will ship four to ten stacks to your door every week.


Cheese Club

Price: $60 per month

Why You Need To Try It: It couldn't be easier to create an incredible cheese board at home. Each delivery contains four wedges of cheese and a Canadian-made product like honey or balsamic vinegar.


Beer Club

Price: $70 a month

Why You Need To Try It: If you're tired of always running to the Beer Store or LCBO to get boozy beverages, this is the club for you. It will send you 12-18 cans every month and a single 750-millilitre bottle of new-release beer.


Butter Tarts Club

Price: $80 for three months

Why You Need To Try It: If you have a sweet tooth, you can get six gooey butter tarts sent to your home each month. For each delivery, you can pick one of several flavours like apple pie, salted caramel, cherry cheesecake, and Nutella.


Coffee Subscription

Price: $11.20+ every four weeks

Why You Need To Try It: You can start every morning with the perfect cup of coffee. When ordering, you can select the blend, quantity, and type of coffee grind you want.


Bread Club

Price: $45 a month

Why You Need To Try It: Every month, you'll get two deliveries of several different loaves of sourdough bread.


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