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Hamilton Fitness Blogger Says She Was Shocked To Be Named YouTube's Top Canadian in 2020

She says the channel is a "dream come true" for her.

While more and more Canadians were stuck inside through the COVID-19 pandemic, one YouTube fitness guru in Hamilton, Ontario, saw her home fitness videos explode in popularity.

Maddie Lymburner, the fitness blogger behind the YouTube channel "MadFit" was recently named YouTube's Top Canadian Creator in 2020 by Google Canada — an accomplishment she says is "shocking."

In fact, Lymburner (who was also named the Top Breakout Canadian Creator) told Narcity over the phone that being able to make the videos at all is a "dream come true."

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I'm here for the ride, man! It's been crazy. Maddie Lymburner

On "MadFit," Lymburner mostly posts workout videos that require little-to-no proper equipment and only use up space you would find in a one-bedroom apartment.

And when the pandemic began and people suddenly found themselves stuck inside with limited options to keep fit, her channel exploded — Lymburner says she gained 1.5 million subscribers in March/April 2020 alone.

"MadFit" has five million subscribers now, and Lymburner says she's just happy that people are finding value in her work.

"I would not rather be doing anything else right now. It's really my dream come true," she said.

Lymburner recognizes that times are tough right now, so she recommends people eat as healthy as possible (she's a fan of Chef Martin Sushi, which has locations in Westdale and Stoney Creek) and just try to move as much as possible.

"Movement is so important for not only our physical health but for our mental health, and we all really need support in that sense right now," Lymburner says.