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Mayor Tory Gets Real About 'Agonizing' Decision To Put Toronto In The Red Zone

Tory knows what the call will cost restaurants.
Mayor John Tory Opened Up About 'Agonizing' Decisions To Put Toronto In The Red Zone

With Toronto's COVID-19 case numbers continuing to rise, city officials have been forced to make several tough decisions this week in an attempt to slow the spread.

On Wednesday, Mayor John Tory opened up to CP24 about his "agonizing" decision to move the city into the red zone of Ontario's new colour-coded system.

The mayor said that he hears the concerns of Toronto's struggling restaurant business, but wants to save us from another lockdown.

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The challenge of coming up with a balance of those things is deeply troubling and agonizing. John Tory

"The damage caused by a total lockdown, even worse than what we had in the spring, I think, would be incalculable," Tory stated.  

"We did what we had to do with these measures.”

The city was initially supposed to reopen indoor dining and gyms at limited capacity on November 14, 2020.

However, rapidly growing case numbers have now made public health officials abandon that plan.

Toronto reported a whopping 520 new cases on Tuesday.

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