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Nick Nurse Tears Up As He Is Named The NBA's Coach Of The Year (VIDEO)

The Raptors may be starting a new season in the Florida bubble, but they're still the defending champs, and part of their success came from Nick Nurse, who was just named the NBA's coach of the year.

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Nurse got the news from a very special person: Wayne Chandlee, his own high school basketball coach, who announced the Raptors coach's victory during a live interview on TNT.

Nurse appeared to get emotional at seeing his old coach again, saying that it was "really cool" that Chandlee got to come on and give him the good news, saying that he is a "great man."

Later in the interview, the coach got a special visit from Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet, who presented him with the Coach of the Year trophy.

"Couldn't have done it without these guys, that's for sure," Nurse says, with Lowry playfully pointing out that the coach had "almost shed a tear" during the announcement.

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