On March 25, it was decided that Norman Powell would leave the Toronto Raptors and join the Portland Trail Blazers.

Now, he's written a heart-wrenching letter to the Raptors, his fans, and the city of Toronto itself.

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"How do you thank an entire fanbase? An entire organization? An entire city?" Powell begins, before detailing the emotional moments post-trade.

He says it was a shock to be traded, recounting that "it was straight-up waterworks. I started breaking down crying … all the memories that I’d been holding back for those last couple of days, they came rushing back in."

Powell spends most of the letter shouting out his teammates — DeRozen, VanVleet, and Lowry each have sections dedicated to them — but he also says he'll never forget Toronto and the championship he helped win. The city will miss you too, Norm! ❤️