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Ontario Couple First To Test Positive For UK COVID-19 Variant Reportedly Facing Charges

Apparently, they didn't reveal that they were in contact with a traveller from the UK.
Ontario Couple First To Test Positive For UK COVID-19 Variant Reportedly Facing Charges

After withholding essential contact tracing information, an Ontario couple infected with the U.K. COVID-19 variant is now facing charges, reports CBC News.

The two individuals from Durham Region didn't initially reveal that they had been in contact with a traveller from the U.K., says the Ministry of Health.

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...the couple had indeed been in contact with a recent traveller from the U.K., which is new information not provided in earlier interviews. Ontario Ministry of Health

Durham Regional Health is not currently providing any additional information on the charges, and CBC reports the couple will have to appear in court in March.

The outlet reports that they only tested positive for this variant by chance. 

Right now, in Ontario, if someone is tested for COVID-19, there are only a few circumstances where the test can be processed for additional variants.

The couple's tests were processed in a private facility that detected the U.K. strain in both of their swabs.

Their positive results were announced by health officials on December 26. 

"The initial flag by the community lab about the two Durham samples was coincidental, in that they were not purposefully searching for the variant," the testing agency told CBC.

The couple has not been publicly named.

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