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Ontario's COVID-19 Cases Spiked Today But Are Still Under 200

Some areas saw no new cases at all.

After an eight-day streak of staying under 130, Ontario's COVID-19 cases saw a spike today, although they still numbered under 200, a trend that has continued since June 30.

According to data from the Ontario Government website, there were 166 new cases in Ontario (along with 132 being resolved, resulting in a net increase), a small spike from the previous day which saw only 111 new cases being reported across the province.


New COVID-19 cases in Ontario

47 of today's cases were reported in the Windsor-Essex area, which has faced outbreaks among migrant workers.

According to a tweet from Christine Elliott, the province's Minister of Health, 28 out of 34 public health units in Ontario reported five or fewer cases, with 15 of those reporting no new cases at all.

Ontario also completed 28,849 tests the previous day, bringing the province's total to 1,839,332 with 24,551 still currently under investigation.

Via The Government Of Ontario