Ontario's New COVID-19 Cases Just Dropped Dramatically After First 2 Weeks Of Lockdowns

The province reported almost 300 fewer cases than yesterday.
Ontario Daily COVID-19 Cases Drop Significantly After Two Weeks In Regional Lockdowns

In good news, Ontario's daily COVID-19 cases have dropped dramatically today, two weeks after regional lockdowns were put into place.

On Monday, November 23, Toronto and Peel regions entered lockdown or the grey zone of the Ontario COVID-19 framework.

Since then, it's been 14 days, an entire incubation period, meaning that positive effects from the lockdowns should start to become apparent from now on.

Today, Ontario is reporting 1,676 new cases of COVID-19, which is almost 300 fewer than Monday's count.

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It is important to note that, while the province is reporting fewer cases today, it also completed fewer tests than previous days.

On Monday, there were 43,500 tests marked as completed and only 39,200 today.

Toronto and Peel will remain in lockdown until at least December 21, if they are not extended further, says the provincial government.

To date, the province has seen 130,910 total cases of COVID-19.