This Massive Lakeside Ontario Home For Sale Is Under $1M & Has Views For Days

It has so many rooms!
Ontario House Foe Sale Is Actually Under $1M & Has Views For Days

Living in a giant house by the lake isn't only for the rich and famous.

An Ontario home for sale, located in Selkirk, is offering seekers a chance to experience million-dollar views for less.

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Listed at just under $950k, this massive four-bedroom home offers over 3,000 square feet of living space.

No kitchen renovations are needed because this place comes with one suitable for your own gourmet chef.

Its tastefully designed and bright living room isn't too shabby either and comes with tons of natural light.

Your family won't even have to argue about who gets which bedroom. All of them look like they're the master. 

The best part is the breathtaking views on its sweeping upper-level patio that overlooks the water. It's the perfect spot to call home. 

Ontario Lakeside Home

Price: $949,900

Address: 955 South Coast Dr., Selkirk, ON

Description: Enjoy beautiful lakeside views from this massive house.

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