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Ontario's Abandoned Asylum Looks Like It's Straight Out Of 'Silent Hill' (VIDEO)

An explorer ventured inside and posted a chilling video of what he saw.
An Ontario Man Explored An Abandoned Asylum & It's Straight Out Of Silent Hill (VIDEO)

Ontario has no shortage of abandoned places to explore, from empty mansions to forgotten factories, and one explorer has been leaving no stone unturned.

An Ontario man with a YouTube channel called Thic Vids has been exploring abandoned properties in Ontario, Quebec, and New York for years now, he tells Narcity.

Naturally, we had to ask him about the creepiest spot he'd ever been to. 

"The Muskoka Sanitorium," he said.

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According to the provincial government, the Muskoka Sanitorium was built in the early twentieth century to house Tuberculosis patients. 

"It lays in the middle of a forest along a large body of water and on my first visit, there was a thick blanket of fog covering the entire area," said the explorer.

He says it reminded him of being in a Silent Hill movie or video game.

"The fact it was used as a tuberculosis hospital just gave me an eerie feeling," he continued.

Thic Vids has taken his YouTube channel to Toronto's abandoned subway tunnels, destitute Montreal churches, and long-forgotten prisons, capturing the fascinating relics of Canada's past.

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