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Ontario Could See 9,000 Cases A Day By The End Of 2020, Warn Ontario Doctors

But only if cases continue to rise at the pre-lockdown rates.
Ontario's COVID-19 Cases Could Rise To 9,000 A Day If Pre-Lockdown Rates Continue
Staff Writer

Ontario's Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams told reporters on Thursday that Ontario's COVID-19 cases were being slowed down by the province's lockdown.

Right now, the province's case numbers are growing at a 1% rate, said Dr. Williams in a public presentation discussing the province's latest pandemic predictions. 

But the models suggest that if cases grow at the pre-lockdown rate of 5%, Ontario could see more than 9,000 new cases a day by the end of December.

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9,000 Number of cases per day with a 5% growth in Ontario

Two weeks ago, before Ontario set up much harsher lockdown restrictions, its case numbers were growing at this 5% rate

While the situation is currently more "reassuring," Dr. Williams warned Ontarians that they must stay vigilant and continue to abide by the restrictions.

"We have to really remain focused and see if we can continue to keep this plateau going or see if we can actually make a turn," Dr. Williams said.

He told reporters that it was too early on to consider making any alterations to Ontario's current lockdown restrictions, seeing as the situation could still "pivot either way." 

"We can't let our guard down," he said. "We have to continue to be vigilant."

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