Pascal Siakam Gave 150 Laptops To Students In Regent Park & It Was Adorable

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Pascal Siakam in Regent Park. Right: Siakam signing a girl's cast

Pascal Siakam in Regent Park. Right: Siakam signing a girl's cast

So, Pascal Siakam could be anywhere in the world right now, but instead of taking a glamorous vacation, the NBA star spent a day handing out free laptops in Regent Park. As if Toronto needed another reason to love him

Siakam hosted his third cohort of "Coding For Champions" at Regent Park. An event that saw the Raptor player hand out 150 laptops to young girls in the hopes of aiding their pursuit of tech careers.

The PS43 Foundation, along with Penny Appeal Canada, launched the initiative together back in April 2021, which, along with providing laptops, also enrolls students in a program where they can learn the skills they need to thrive in tech.

According to Penny Appeal Canada's website, students get to keep their laptops upon completion of the program, which is a 10-week course which will teach kids how to make websites and more.

"I think learning new skills is super important as we continue to develop and go through life, especially in this world where technology is taking over. So I hope it gives you guys an advantage," Siakam said in a statement. "I'm super excited to see the amazing work you guys will develop on your brand new laptops."

Siakam was joined at the event by Marci Ien, the MP for Toronto Centre, who also serves as the minister for women and gender equality and youth.

"With this program, we hope to help crack the code for gender equity in technology-centred fields," he added in an Instagram post.

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