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Ibaka Got Into A Heated Scuffle With A Portland Player & He Was Pissed (VIDEO)

Tensions were high in the NBA bubble on Sunday.

Things are heating up inside the NBA bubble. Raptor Serge Ibaka found himself in an on-court scuffle with Portland's Jusuf Nurkic during Sunday's scrimmage match. Nurkic got a little handsy after getting blocked by the Congolese-Spanish baller, and tensions escalated quickly.

In the clip, Nurkic can be seen making multiple attempts to score on Toronto. He was blocked in a dual effort by Ibaka and Terence Davis.

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For a moment after the shot, all seems calm. However, it doesn't last as Nurkic, who can be seen holding up his arm to Ibaka, quickly learns a lesson in personal boundaries.

Two players then engage in a heated exchange of words. The altercation is inaudible, but based on Serge's body language alone, you can probably fill in the blanks.

A referee quickly intervened, de-escalating the feud.

The Raptors face off against the Portland Trail Blazers as part of the pre-season build-up to the NBA's official return.

Toronto is one of the select NBA teams isolating at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

The team was forced to pack their bags and leave their families behind earlier this month to prepare for the reboot of the 2019-2020 season.

The team is currently making its way through several scheduled scrimmage matches.

The Raptors' first match was against the Houston Rockets on July 24. The team ended up winning the game 94-83.

The NBA season doesn't officially restart until July 30. Toronto's first official game will be against the Lakers on August 1 at 8:30 p.m.