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Raptors Deck Out Their Rooms With Things They Love To Feel At Home In Florida (PHOTOS)

The Raptors are bringing a little Toronto to Florida.

Toronto's champions set foot in Flordia this week, and they brought more than just their enthusiasm. The Toronto Raptors players were spotted packing some of their favourite stuff from home to make their lockdown a little easier. From photos to instruments, it looks like players were trying to get cozy in their new abode.  

The players arrived at the Walt Disneyland complex this week to begin training for the return of the NBA season. 

It wasn't long after they arrived in the sunshine state that adorable moments started popping up on the player's Instagram pages.

The photos offered an intimate look at what each Raptor considers essential to their daily life.

Marc Gasol was spotted lugging around his personal coffee machine.

Clearly, the 35-year-old is very particular about how he gets his caffeine.

Other players brought along framed pictures of their friends and family to keep them centred during the time away.

Oshae Brisset shared an image that showed a framed photo of his daughter in his hotel room. 

Superstar Norman Powell also posted about how he was surprised to receive a photo of his family to keep him motivated while away from home. 

Meanwhile, Nick Nurse was seen carrying his guitar off the team's bus.

However, it's not surprising to see that the coach didn't want to leave his instrument behind. The guy did play with The Arkells after all.

Norman Powell | Instagram

Nurse also opened up to the NBA on Tuesday about his experience in Florida so far, revealing a little about what the team goes through on a daily basis.

"Each day of testing that goes by, you've got a bit of anxiety to get that email that night from the doc and see what the results are," Nurse told the league.

On Thursday, the team was spotted arriving at Orlando in 'Black Lives Matter' buses