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The Raptors Are Set To Play In Disney World When NBA Season Returns This July

The Raptors could be coming back this year afterall!
Toronto Staff Writer
The Toronto Raptors Are Set To Play In Disney World When NBA Season Returns This July

Toronto basketball fans rejoice! The Toronto Raptors are set to hit the court next month, although you probably won't be able to witness it in person. The NBA announced that by July multiple teams could be travelling to Disney World to compete. 

While the plan still needs to be approved, in an article by the Associated Press published by the NBA, it was announced that they are looking to host eight regular-season games ahead of a potential playoff tournament. 

This event, which would be held at Disney World would include 13 Western Conference teams and nine Eastern Conference teams and would start around July 31. 

Playoffs would be set to start sometime in August, and it could bring the NBA season all the way into October. 

The Raptors were one of the four teams in the league to clinch a playoff spots before the NBA suspended its season. 

This means that the team would have a guaranteed spot in this competition where all of Toronto could cheer them on. 

However, while the Raptors may be flying out to keep the NBA season going, it doesn't mean that fans will be able to do the same.

It is also being reported by the Athletic that several new medical protocols will be proposed ahead of the games.

The restrictions will include shutting down the arena's shower and forcing bench players to sit in spread out rows while inactive players sit in the stands.

It is also being reported that guests could be banned from the arena until the playoffs. 

The NBA suspended its season on March 11 after it was revealed that players from Utah Jazz had tested positive for COVID-19.

Two months later, the Toronto Raptors announced that they would start practicing again at the OVO Athletic Centre

However, strict measures have been put in place, including only allowing one player on the court at a time. 

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