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A 23-Year-Old Ontario MPP Is In Hot Water For His Illegal Party Photo

Oosterhoff says he regrets not wearing a mask for the "quick pic."

A 23-year-old Ontario MPP has found himself in some hot water after posting a photo of his weekend gathering.

Sam Oosterhoff came under fire for attending an event at a banquet hall on Sunday night, attended by at least 30 people.

In a statement to CityNews, Oosterhoff offered an apology.

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I should have worn a mask when we took a quick pic, given the proximity of everyone, and I apologize for failing to do so. MPP Sam Oosterhoff

The photos have since been deleted from his social media but showed that no one in the group was wearing masks or practising social distancing.

Currently, the limit for indoor gatherings where distancing cannot be maintained is 10 people in Ontario.

Oosterhoff's party even breaks the limits for outdoor gatherings, which is currently set at 25. 

Some have called for his resignation, like the head of the Ontario Hospital Association and the NDP party of Ontario, reports The Globe and Mail.

However, Premier Doug Ford was forgiving towards Oosterhoff.

"Everyone makes mistakes," Ford said on Monday.

"I’m a strong believer, you make a mistake, you go out and apologize and say it’s not going to happen again. I accept that."