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L’Oréal’s Toronto Beauty Outlet Sale Is Back & You Can Get Up To 80% Off Products

Turns out the best makeup hack is saving on your beauty buys.

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L’Oréal’s Toronto Beauty Outlet Sale Is Back & You Can Get Up To 80% Off Products

Giving your cupboards and drawers a clean isn't just an activity for spring. If you're due for a tidy up around the house, take a peek into your makeup bag, the drawers full of hair supplies, and the vanity and decide if, à la Marie Kondo, these products really spark joy.

For the ones that do nothing for you except take up valuable real estate in your life, bathroom and purse, perhaps it's time to say goodbye. If this leaves your cupboard unbearably sparse, it's okay because now you have space for new products — and it doesn't have to be costly.

Starting August 27 and running until October 10, L'Oréal's annual Beauty Outlet Warehouse Sale is back in Toronto, and the weeks-long event has all of your favourite L'Oréal brands including Kiehl's, NYX, Urban Decay, La Roche-Posay, Maybelline and more.

If you've just run out of your favourite Redken conditioner or your CeraVe cleanser, you can get them and tons of other must-have beauty products at discounts ranging from 40% to 80% off.

Featuring a massive selection of makeup, skincare, hair products and fragrances, the sale is the destination for beauty lovers of any age and every budget.

The sale is by invite only, but Narcity readers can visit the official L'Oréal Beauty Outlet website to sign up and receive an invitation to this exclusive event.

Courtesy of L'Oréal

Peek into the L'Oréal universe and grab some of your favourite classic and luxury items like Armani scents, Lancôme's famous Doll Lash mascara, Kerastase, Matrix, Maybelline, Vichy and many more.

The whole purpose of the warehouse sale is to limit waste and give a second chance to L'Oréal products. So you can enjoy a sweet discount and shop knowing that you have helped keep products out of landfills at the same time.

The sale is the perfect opportunity to replenish your collection or try out that new product you've been meaning to grab for ages. It's time to treat yourself!

L'Oréal Beauty Outlet Warehouse Sale

When: Starts August 27, 2021, and ends October 10.

Where: Unit 5, 1 Steelcase Rd. W., Markham. ON

Details: Snag your favourite L'Oreal brands like Vichy, Maybelline, Armani, NYX, YSL and more at 40% to 80% off. Registration is essential.

To learn more about the L'Oréal Beauty Outlet Warehouse Sale, check out their website or follow them on Facebook.

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