It looks like Toronto is back to feeling the heat of July after Wednesday's wild storm, but Environment Canada is warning residents to watch out for “deteriorating air quality” on Thursday.

The heat and humidity in Toronto weather has been lingering for some time now. On Thursday, residents are being urged to avoid going outdoors if possible until the Toronto air quality statement is gone.


The realfeel temperature expected in Toronto today

The 6ix still remains under a heat warning as the city is expected to see a high of 35C on Thursday but feeling much closer to 42C, thanks to the humidity. 

The scene was totally different yesterday as Toronto was bombarded with a severe thunderstorm, leaving some areas flooded and even seeing a tornado warning on top of that.

That didn't offer much relief, though, as for today and the next few days, Toronto is back to feeling the hottest it could be.

Via Environment Canada.

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