Flooding Is Causing Chaos In Toronto And Cars Are Getting Trapped & Crushed (VIDEOS)

Cars being swept away, a guy in a canoe...
Flash Flooding In Toronto Is Trapping Cars And Closing Off Streets As Storm Hits

It's not the end of the world, but out on the streets of Toronto, it might seem like it. Thunderstorms, floods, and even the threat of tornadoes are looming over the 6ix on Wednesday, July 8. The tornadoes may not have shown up, but the flash flooding in Toronto definitely did.

The biblical weather is definitely keeping Toronto Police Services and City staff busy. There have been several reports of flash flooding even carrying cars away.

With the city being under a severe thunderstorm watch and even tornadoes posing a threat, the quick heavy rainfall seemed to take everyone by surprise on Wednesday afternoon.

"The thunderstorm is near downtown Toronto and stretches west along the lakeshore and may give 50 to 70 millimetres of rain in total. Wind gusts up to 100 kilometres per hour are likely on the west side of Toronto," warned Environment Canada via The Weather Network. 

TPS has shared reports of a couple of alarming incidents already, one involving a canoe.

In that same area, reports of a car floating away were also made as police issued warnings of flooding and to steer clear of them, literally.

And photos and videos shared online by residents show the full chaos that's unfolding around the city.

Footage shows flooded streets, trees down blocking roads, storm drains shooting water up into the air, and all sorts of general storm-related chaos in various areas of the city.

In some places, the storm came and went very quickly, but it certainly left behind some damage.

Toronto Police noted in a tweet that Black Creek, which runs from Vaughan to the Humber River, has broken its banks "in several places."

Officers add that townhouses in the worst-affected areas may even need to be evacuated.

Thanks to the surprise storm, many residents in the city were experiencing power outages on Wednesday afternoon.

"We’re currently responding to scattered outages across the city. Crews are working as quickly & safely as possible to restore power, provided the conditions are safe & favourable to perform work activities," reads a Toronto Hydro tweet.

Toronto needed some rain after all this heat, but not like this!

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