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Toronto Is Under A Tornado & Thunderstorm Watch With A Risk Of Flash Floods

Wednesday's getting messy after so much heat.

There are a bunch of weather warnings in Toronto right now and they're predicting flash floods, thunderstorms, and even the threat of a tornado today.

According to Environment Canada, the severe thunderstorm that is expected is capable of creating strong winds and bringing heavy rain of up to 70 millimetres over a short period.


A Tornado WATCH has been issued for the City of Toronto.

The Weather Network

A tornado watch is also in effect for Toronto, according to The Weather Network, and there's a chance the 6ix could see one or two throughout the afternoon.

Rain was already pouring onto downtown streets by the time the alert was issued.

There's also a high risk for local street flooding. After days and days of scorching heat, Toronto's finally getting a change but it might be a lot more dramatic than people were expecting.

Via The Weather Network