There's dissent among the ranks. Talk of the Toronto Blue Jays' bubble lasting all summer and the heavy punishments for those who leave isolation seems to have left at least one player unhappy. Infielder Travis Shaw said on July 10 that staying in a bubble all summer long is simply "not an option."

The MLB season is set to finally get underway in two weeks' time. Teams will operate their own isolation at stadiums and hotels as they host opponents and travel to road games.

And the Jays will be inflicting some pretty heavy punishments on anyone caught breaking protocol.

Players are reportedly on the hook to be hit with a $750,000 fine and even up to six months' jail time if they're spotted outside the team's bubble.

That's intended as a health and safety measure during a global pandemic, but not everyone's on board.

Shaw, who signed a one-year, $4 million contract with the Jays back in December, was not at all shy in making his displeasure known on Friday.

According to the Ohio-born player, the Jays roster was told it would have to stay in the bubble for two weeks, not all summer long.

"All summer is a bit much," tweeted the 30-year-old.

He followed that message up by doubling down, writing: "All summer isn't gonna happen. Not an option."

Other players have had their say, too, both past and present.

One fan noted in response to Shaw that current laws say people must quarantine for two weeks every time they cross the Canada-U.S. border, and that athletes shouldn't be exempt.

Shaw's teammate Randal Grichuk popped up in the replies to note that Jays stars are "not asking for special treatment," but that the fact their families are not allowed to join them makes it "tough" to swallow.

Former Jays pitching hero Marcus Stroman joined the debate, too.

Stroman, who left the 6ix in 2019 for the New York Mets, wrote that while he believes it's the right thing to do, "it doesn’t seem realistic."

In a response to Shaw's tweet, Stroman added: "Guys are going to walking around in full disguises."

The Jays are set to play two exhibition games in Boston on July 21-22 before officially starting their shortened season in Florida, which has been something of an epicentre for COVID-19 over the last month.