Toronto Just Opened A Dog Cafe And It's So Adorable

Treat yourself and your pup!
Toronto Just Opened A Dog Cafe And It's So Adorable

If you have a furry friend living with you, there's no denying that you're one of the lucky ones. Dogs are known as being extremely loyal to their human friends because they just love us unconditionally no matter what! It's the most loyal friend anyone could have because they're always waiting for you when you get home, they're always excited to spend time with you outdoors, and they love to cuddle up on the couch! 

There's a brand new spot right here in Toronto thatis perfect for dog owners because you can actually bring your furry friend and enjoy a warm drink and a sweet treat together. This new spot is called Dogs and Coffee and the name clearly says it all! 

Dogs and Coffee officially opened up at the beginning of September at 6 Markham St right near Bathurst and Queen in the west end! This dog-friendly cafe serves drinks and treats for humans as well as their furry friends. 

Unlike cat cafes that exist across the country where cats actually live at the cafe and all you have to do is show up and play with them, this is a bring-your-own-dog place! You're more than welcome to come if you don't have a dog though because there will be tons there and they love meeting new people. 

There's tons of delicious coffee-based for humans to enjoy and the pups can also enjoy special caffeine-free drinks like a puppy Pumpkin Spiced Latte or other seasonal drinks! 

Their counter is always stocked with cookies and other treats just for your furry friend that you know they're going to love. There are couches in the space as well so you can relax with your pup as you both indulge in a special treat. They're also welcome to sit at the bar with you or anywhere within the cafe!

Check out their social media for more information!