The Toronto Maple Leafs are finally hitting the ice once again and they're wearing Black Lives Matter shirts during training time.

The entire team was pictured wearing the BLM gear as they began their practice camp back home in the 6ix, getting ready to start the shortened season.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The team also wore face masks in the locker room, keeping in line with NHL's health guidelines.

John Tavares, as well as Auston Matthews, who allegedly tested positive for COVID-19 symptoms weeks ago back in Arizona according to CTV News, were among the stars pictured wearing the slogan.

In showing their support for what the Leafs noted is "a movement not a moment," the team followed its city neighbours the Toronto Raptors, who were seen wearing the same shirts during training and arrived at the NBA camp in Orlando in Black Lives Matter buses last week.

Via Toronto Maple Leafs