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This Is What The Leafs Are Doing To Avoid Dying From Isolation Boredom In Toronto

Self-isolation isn't exactly an ideal way to spend the summer. However, the Toronto Maple Leafs are being good sports about it. The players recently opened up about what they’re doing to stay occupied during their isolation stay at Hotel X

The Leafs will head into isolation on Sunday, July 26 as the NHL enters stage four of its Return to Play plan.

Some players will be sentenced to a life of video games and poker tables during their off-ice hours. However, others have decided to pursue something a little more creative.

Leafs star Mitch Marner is definitely in the gamer category with his love for Call of Duty. However, for Mitch, gaming is all about staying connected.

"That’s the only one I’m really playing right now. It’s something I can kill a lot of time on and stay in contact with my friends and my brother," Marner told The Athletic.

"I can forget about what else is going on," he continued. "It’s something that’s been great to have during quarantine, playing video games with your buddies and keep in contact with them, see what’s going on with them."

Marner won’t be alone, though. Auston Matthews and Morgan Rielly are also planning to bring their gaming systems. Maybe they'll play NHL 20 as themselves.

Meanwhile, their artsy teammates will be bringing musical instruments. Travis Dermott, in particular, will be bringing his axe to stay sharp in case the Leafs jam band ever gets back together.

"My guitar would keep me pretty busy. I could also bring a gaming system that would keep me busy as well," Dermott said to The Athletic.

"I don’t know which one would be a better use of my time. Probably the guitar. I’ll have to bring both and alternate because we plan on being there for a while."

Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena will be one of two hub arenas used in the NHL’s comeback on August 1.

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