8 Toronto Companies That Will Deliver Glamorous Ready-To-Wear Nails To Your Door

Get the salon treatment from home. 💅
8 Toronto Companies That Will Deliver Glamorous Ready-To-Wear Nails To Your Door
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You can get fancy from home with these Toronto nail kits

While trips to the salon may be on hold, you can get ready-to-wear nail kits sent right to your door.

Several Toronto companies have nail sets in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes.

You can even customize some sets to create your very own look.

Add a bit of glam to your days and give yourself a manicure from home, no nail polish needed.

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Price: $25 - $65

Details: These luxury nails are hand-painted and custom made. You can find all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your preferences.


Price: $18.99 - $79.99

Details: Developed by independent stylists, these custom press-on nails will make you feel glam without a trip to the salon.


Price: $22 - $70

Details: You can shop for a variety of colours and shapes with these Instasets, which will ship right to your door.

Icey Nails

Price: $35 - $45

Details: With tons of sparkly options and vibrant designs, you can feel fancy from home by ordering sets from this spot.


Price: $27 - $28

Details: This newly-launched shop offers free shipping on Canadawide orders and features handmade, durable products.

Naked Beauty Bar

Price: $70 - $80

Details: You can purchase pressies in neutral and glam colours, or even design your own custom set.

nails et al.

Price: $40 - $90

Details: Treat yourself to some custom press-ons from this salon, which offers a variety of basic and elegant options.

D Luxe

Price: $25 - $45

Details: Order yourself a set of these fancy press-ons or design your own custom set.

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Associate Editor
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