A Toronto Property Where A Well-Known Couple Was Murdered Just Sold For $4.25M

The home was demolished after their tragic murder in 2017.
A Toronto Property Where A Well-Known Couple Was Murdered Just Sold For $4.25M

A 28-year-old woman has purchased the Toronto property where Barry and Honey Sherman were tragically killed in 2017, reports The Toronto Star.

In the winter of 2017, philanthropists Barry and Honey Sherman listed their home for just under $7 million and were in the process of selling it, when their bodies were discovered by realtor Elise Stern on December 15th.

According to documents filed with the provincial land registry uncovered by The Star, a Toronto woman paid just over four million dollars for the land the house once stood on.

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$4,250,000 The amount 50 Old Colony Rd. sold for.

The house where the murder took place was demolished in 2019, at the request of the family.

"The house has been vacant for the past year … along with bad memories and a stigma attached due to the incident that took place. It is the family’s desire to level the house, clean up the site, fill in the pool, and put the lot up for sale," said the Sherman family to city officials in 2019.

The property was sold as a building lot, with no structure currently standing on it.

Additionally, the Star was able to uncover that the woman who purchased the property also owns a 2019 Porsche Boxter that is co-signed by a man with the same last name.

Toronto Police are still investigating the Sherman murders, claiming they are looking at multiple persons of interest, but are not ready to lay criminal charges.